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Companion crew skill bonuses are based on the amount of influence the player has with that companion. Each rank of influence increases the time efficiency and critical rate for crew skill tasks. Efficiency bonuses reduce the amount of time needed to complete a task by 1% by bonus point. Crafting Guide - Star Warsmmoleveling Guide Your companions do not have crew skills themselves. The crew skills they can use are based on the crafting skills your main character has. The maximum number of crew that can perform any crafting skill, at one time, is 5. Any others spare could be doing missions, gathering or traveling with the main character What's the Best Crew Skill for My Class in SWTOR? | LevelSkip Not all crew skills are equal, and there are ways you can optimise them in order to get ahead. This SWTOR Crew Skills guide is dedicated to giving you the best options for your class. Every class has several different companions, and each of those companions has unique bonuses to select crew skills.

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Crew Skills & Crafting - SWTOR Wiki Guide - IGN SWTOR at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. ... Crew Skills allow you to unload some of the burden of the more mundane tasks of gathering and crafting to make better use ... SWTOR Subscription, Worth It? - Expanse SWTOR isn't like other games, it requires a great deal of time. If you wish to experience all content. If you're a player with limited time and looking for an immersive experience without the many qualities of MMO's then a free to play model could be best. ... - 1 Crew Skill slot, access to all 3 crew skill slots as a Subscriber - Access to ...

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is biochem still the best crew skill for my jedi sentinal? When I looked up the best crew skill for the Jedi sentinel on the original forums of SWTOR(can't post on those forums since I am not a subscriber) so many people said that the best crew skill for a sentinel is either biochem or cybertech and I generally like the sound of biochem better, I have tons ... SWTOR - ViperBot - Guild Wars 2 SWTOR - ViperBot : This is the main hunting/scripting Star Wars The Old Republic ViperBot tuned specifically for SWTOR. It Hunts, Patrols, Loots, and so ... How to Earn Credits in SWTOR - Swtorista