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Apr 4, 2010 ... Megaton (3.5e Epic Spell) ... one additional caster contributing an epic-level spell slot (-19 DC), one additional caster contributing an 8th-level ... Epic Level Characters level 21-40 - Dungeon Masters Guild ... Feb 28, 2018 ... Epic Level Characters level 21-40 - Hello this is my first one of these. ... you get more spell slots as you level kinda like the non epic spell chart. ... For two dice that is 3.5 average damage for every swing. Of course if you give you character a weapon that is a d20 that would change the damage by a little. Expanded metamorphosis epic seed for 3.5 - 3rd Edition D&D or ... Sep 21, 2016 ... *Where the epic spellcasting or manifesting feat requires a number of ranks in skills ... seed is also able to contribute an epic psionic power slot. Naruto d20 RPG - Jesse's DnD

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